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ainly to shock ForMotion feels distinctly different, rear wheel of the shock absorber is generally absorb shock for the purpose but the adiPRENE + forefoot must effect

Friday 6 February 2015

Make adjustments based on changes in conditions on the ground, which can effectively keep shoe level balancing technology and there is no extra burden on to the weight of the shoe, ensuring boots light weight. 4, but in the end the adiPRENE + forefoot technology brought about by the feeling with the heel Palm mainly to shock ForMotion feels distinctly different, rear wheel of the shock absorber is generally absorb shock for the purpose but the adiPRENE + forefoot must effectively feed in addition to absorb impact energy, makes the foot pushes the pedal force can effectively replace the motivation. 5, the Torsion System enhanced forefoot m nike blazers low idfoot stability system integration with Palm, resulting in better surface adaptation effects and stability. AdiWEAR outsole for Palm provides better wearability of this high wear area; Blown Rubbe this, this situation occurs because, in large part, that is because design had no effective air Huarache 2010 shoes. 5, vents more for aesthetic design, lined with a bump is designed to improve the flow of air between the lining and foot

Efficiency, hollow on both sides of the ankle, "seemingly" lightweight, but the ankle is not the concentration of sweat glands, a simple cutout does not serve as an effective heat dissipation and openwork design but more limited Huarache 2010 play in the outfield in winter. Nike official website in the martial arts sport of basketball sneakers on top, for the design of this pair of shoes and experience the foot feeling is very good, particularly sui nike blazers high  table for wear in winter to play ball. If you like Nike shoes, a Nike official website sports magnetic Exchange. Cooperation between Garnett and Nike official website although there were only a few seasons, but he has also challenged Nike signature combat boots honor, Nike official

Website in the of Wolf Wang Zhan boots I most like of its third generation war boots he wind a, together see on he of introduced's Air Garnett 3 introduced: 1, and Nike official website in the of Air Garnett 3 was public think is Garnett signature series in the most classic of a paragraph, synthesis leather combines gradient color of fabric oil on canvas made of uppers, not only light comfortable, also to people not as of Visual enjoy, forefoot Zoom air, Hou Palm Tuned air of combination both has sustained earthquake and reaction sex. 2, more than that, on Air Garnett 3, Garnett was more into individual elements, such as soles of OBF--this is Kevin Garnett's own brand, and Nike


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s full Palm of Sole, in sustained earthquake sex Shang apparently to wooed, but is can provides faster of reaction sex; sneakers of ankle protection is this double sn

Friday 6 February 2015

Elo 1.5 ice no used common has Zoom Air as sustained earthquake technology configuration, but with has full Palm of Sole, in sustained earthquake sex Shang apparently to wooed, but is can provides faster of reaction sex; sneakers of ankle protection is this doublevans high tops  sneakers most heart of design, Jordan Brand first in AJ sneakers Shang using has Foamposite material, followed by design seamless, and extends to ankle sides; 3, and Dang Department tight laces zhihou, firmly of lock ankle parts, Followed by the package and support very good, shoe lines using a circle as the center of the ring line, grip is not as good as the herringbone pattern, but wear resistance but not too bad. Jordan Carmelo 1.5 in Anthony's influence still broader stage, take a performance-oriented courses. 4, Jordan Melo M4 at Nike's official website

Have this chain of design styles: simple "era of t   vans rata vulc he first pair of sneakers, has received a great deal of attention, while Jordan himself has a hands-on approach, came to China for the first time for the boot campaign in the region, which is any other never before treated a pair of Air Jordan shoes. 2, and from performance Shang for, Air Jordan 19 also absolute is belongs to most for combat of a paragraph, shoes cover with a was called "Tech Flex" process of techniques will plastic line each three root into a unit again layered woven, this is derived from Yu Black Mamba of snake scales, shoes head again using has not stretch of patent leather, such of design let Air Jordan 19 of uppers support reached new of height, and its itself of toughness

But would not impede the wearer any reasonable action in the game. 3, followed by the Velcro-adjustable design can better lock your feet, but from a practical feel for decorative effect would obviously be larger, joined Jordan my hand because it's handwritten signature designs. 4, Zhang Zoom Air and carbon fiber panels belong to the Air Jordan series have the luxury, medial forefoot soles and palms inside specially made extension supports design, greatly enhances the horizontal


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ily representation in the Nike website, take a look. Zoom Ambassador knowledge: 1, Nike's official website after the games, Nike in time for James to cr

Friday 6 February 2015

Mushi family representation in the Nike website, take a look. Zoom Ambassador knowledge: 1, Nike's official website after the games, Nike in time for James to create a brand new shoes--Zoom Ambassador, as the transitional footwear before a season 2, Zoom Ambassador did not disappoint, simple and smooth upper diamond stitching adds a lot don't know, today just to say you have a history of a pair of converse basketball, Converse A/S Rodman. vans half cab  of fashion sense, a forefoot Zoom

IR makes shoes and had good reactivity, although tap shoes has won a lot of customers, but on top of the basketball shoe, many of my friends vans old skool  Converse A/S Rodman knowledge: 1, this is converse-Rodman's third signature sneaker, A/S Rodman is known as the "Sun flower", is because these shoes are designed to apply a lot of solar elements to the Sun-themed sneakers symbolize fiery passion. 2, Rodman was such a passionate player, regardless of the pitch and off it, for anything, Rodman's attitude is all cast

Into and enthusiastic participation, even some exaggerated compositions played incisively. 3, and because of this, the "Sunflower" put him at "the Sun" hot air into his shoe design, which is a pair of sneakers with Rodman personality. 4, Sun flower passionate as Dennis Rodman on the Court with great passion, and whose technology is also very much in line with Rodman's salt. Carmelo 1.5, and M4 are introduced: 1, Nike, official Web site of Carmelo 1.5 style with a retro theme, dominated by simple design, not too many leather stitching and decorative details, upper Carmelo words hinting at the shoe's owner, shoes and locally is very well integrated into the essence of two generations before the Air Jordan shoes, recounting blood between it and Air Jordan. 2, but it was strange that Car


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naked eye, and shoes, they don't look too heavy, would suit me

Friday 6 February 2015

XDR。 After roll master of observation and actual combat, the feelings ZK6 XDR is very powerful, not as gimmicks as ZK5 7 majority. Camo blue with XDR, shoe lines deep and thick, this can be seen with the naked eye, and shoes, they don't look too heavy, would suit me. After combat, I was "Super Eagles" have been even more impressive. The "Super  vans era  Eagles" vamp is a composite made up of a variety of materials, using frame design not only enhance the support compared to previous basketball shoes, reasonable weight of the material used is to let the shoes a lot. Maybe small changes in weight are not easily detected, but I believe after more than an hour of combat, lighter basketball shoe will still save you a lot of strength. Light enough to have a lot of friends does not like basketball

Shoes, but I think that as long as protvans golf wang  ection is in place, sneakers but also lighter than before, so why not? The "Super Eagles" from uppers to soles provide stable enough – the upper supporting structure of the package is very good, sole toughness as well as pedal force enough to hold my speed up boot time. In addition, with the "Super Eagles" slender body shape, it still provides excellent cushioning, which to my surprise. In addition the "Super Eagles"

Super Eagles "breathability than similar shoes for the upper structure may not be doing as well in the hope that some improvement can occur in the future. On June 22, 2012, NBA 2011-2012 season, the fifth game of the NBA Finals, the heat 121:106 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, on aggregate 4:1 won the season championship, it was Dwyane Wade's career and the second championship, Finals MVP Dwyane Wade's teammate and good friend LeBron James to win. After 6 years, 30 year old Flash once again standing at the top of the world, championship course thorny and bumpy, "Janeway" pressure from a combination of negative news, and his ex-wife, knee injuries to Wade, endless tests, Only the strong survive, the total


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ompared Kobe Zoom Air and a Cushlon 7 System clear

Friday 6 February 2015

Scientific name, but Flywire more fit and breathability, while not Hyperfuse, as stiff. Of course, you can also continue to denounce Engineered Mesh in supporting the lack of performance, but this is as close as you'll get stuck in their low can help design the shortcoming in the ankle protection--you haven't used this formation from the Zoom Kobe 4 extreme style? Besides Kobe blunt toed at least 8 System that can also protect your feet from being easily trampled. As for the rest, due to the previous phase of the training pace, movement and strength-oriented, so we cannot evaluate Lunarlon midsole for shock-absorbing properties, but it

Affixed to compared Kobe Zoom Air and a Cushlon 7 System clearly much more obvious, especially the balls of your, you can even feel anxious moment and rubbed it on the floor for a moment at the end of lines at the end of the twist. An exaggeration? But it is true. "Kobe Bryant hit the ball for so many years, from the age of 17 he began, and almost every year into the postseason in May or June, playing at the Olympic Games last summer. For him, he wants   vans ca carillo   playoff opener felt 1th season instead of 83rd. "With the help of Tim Grover, Bryant has a veteran player in the miracle of energy reserves, but after a series of grueling training, we were scrimmaging from feeling a bit fatigued, at the foot of the sneaker is exactly what Kobe 8 System. After the shuttle run and sliding exercises, our media colleagues and finally in Tim Grover started a half against Divisa vans shoes on under the command of Mr. One win and four-team rotation rules make the game full of surprises, but at the same time make the game faster. Fast-paced, high combat, coupled with early physical Xiao

Consumption, making Kobe 8 System in terms of weight and comfort advantages have been more clearly reflected. First of all, Engineered Mesh shoes from feet feel soft but tough packages hidden in the confrontation appears to be obvious. And compared to the previous couple of Kobe Bryant signature shoes, Kobe 8 System interior seems to be loose, which can satisfy more the wearer, especially Asian foot needs. Meanwhile, although the function mesh support than on hard the Hyperfuse but at the toe and heel, especially after such a critical force, targeted the designers were padded design. Said distinctive upper to see


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